Joris Lenstra & Kiki Petratou: The Nigerian Story

In collaboration with Greek artist Kiki Petratou and poet kO nOrderisk I worked on the joint project The Nigerian Story - Red Laces.

The exhibition was shown:

2009 - Photo Biennale Photodistorzija, Istrian Chamber, Poreč, HR (cat)

- Riders on the Worm, WORM, Rotterdam, NL

- Fantastic Borders, Gil&Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam, NL

2011 - Route du Nord light, Spam, Rotterdam, NL

2012 - Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents, INnexaclty THIS, Sint Nikolaas Lyceum, Amsterdam, NL - Attraction of the Opposites, CUCOSA, Rotterdam, NL